Friday, November 18, 2011

Meal Planning

Meal Planning will change your life (and your pocket book).
Step 1 - check out the flyers at the grocery stores in your area. I look at mine online. We only have two so this part is pretty quick LOL I see what kinds of things are on sale...if you eat meat - see what meat is on sale. Check out what veggies are on sale, etc...
Step 2 - Plan your meals for the entire week using what is on sale that week. I know this sounds crazy to some of you but TRUST me it's amazing. Each day, you look at your list and oh! look at that Chicken tacos for supper. You have all the ingredients. There is no wondering what to make. You are prepared :) AND you are only buying what you truly NEED each week that way nothing gets thrown out and it saves you money BIG TIME.
Step 3 - Look at your recipes (or find new ones) for the things that are on sale. Make a list of all the ingredients you'll need.
Step 4 - find out where it's cheaper to buy those ingredients
Step 5 Make your grocery list. I make mine with the layout of the store in my mind. So I know to put my veggies first and fruit, then breads, meats, dairy, and then I do the rest last because they are in the middle aisles. I know again - you are probably thinking...this chick is nuts. LOL But TRUST ME! It saves you so much time, and grocery shopping is never hectic, it's relaxing just get what you have on your list, IGNORE everything else. and BAM you have saved yourself anywhere from $20-$50 by not buying the tempting things that you don't need.
STep 6 Post your weekly meals on the fridge and Bon Appetit!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Recipe Book

Something I just started doing...I am writing down our family's favorite recipes in a binder (so I can sort them as I add them in) and also when we try something new we all give it a rating to see if it deserve to go into the binder. My 4 year old loves the idea. I told her when she grows up I will give her and her brother a copy of our family recipe book, that way they can make them for their family's and pass the recipes onto their children.